Monthly Archives: May 2018

Possible New Baldness Cure from Drug Side-Effect

New research published in the journal PLOS Biology is sending ripples of excitement through the medical and trichology communities. Our Chief Science Officer, Jacky van Driel, gives her appraisal of the data available. Titles used in media outlets are very eye-catching, such as: “Osteoporosis Drug Could Produce New Baldness Treatment” or “Baldness Cure Could Come [...]

Meeting ART members Margaret Simpson and Wil Fleeson

Hairdressers with an interest in trichology were given a rare treat on 16th April as Trichology Scotland’s Margaret Simpson and Wil Fleeson shared their own real-life experiences – transitioning from hairdressers to qualified consultant trichologists. “The journey started by attending a TrichoCare Spotlight event exactly like tonight’s back in 2015,” explains Margaret, “I was inspired and knew [...]