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The ART and Trichologists

The Association of Registered Trichologists (ART) is a membership organisation for qualified trichologists and those studying trichology. The ART also welcomes related professionals and organisations in the wider commercial and healthcare community who have a special interest in conditions of the hair and scalp. The ART is independent because it does not endorse any products, and does not provide training in trichology.

The ART is a community for its members where information, experience and best practice are shared in order to deliver an increasingly enhanced quality and range of services to clients and patients. The ART promotes education, training and qualifications and helps to ensure members continue their career development and learning through regular events, lectures, conferences and publications.


The ART collaborates and works with trichology training providers to measure and assure the quality and consistency of accredited standards. It’s an international organisation and recognises appropriate qualifications from education and training bodies from around the world.


The ART and the Public

Everyone worries about their hair.

Thinning hair, hair loss, dandruff – or worse.

So, it’s no surprise so many people are looking for reliable and knowledgeable advice on how to keep their hair and scalp healthy. That’s where The ART comes in.

Through our Register of Members, we can put anyone who’s worried about their hair and scalp in touch with a qualified professional in their area. That way they can get advice they can trust, quickly and safely. And it’s important to know that all ART members are bound by a Code of Ethical Conduct.

The ART and Hairdressers

The ART positively welcomes hairdressers into the world of trichology. The hair profession employs large numbers of people who are committed to ensuring the health of their clients, particularly, of course, their hair and scalp. And hairdressers are among the most trusted of professionals. They are also everywhere on the high streets of our towns and cities – there are 40,000 hair and beauty salons in the UK.

Which is why the ART has a close relationship with the hair profession. We encourage hairdressers to learn more about trichology, so they enhance their knowledge of the conditions that may affect their clients, and increase the services they offer.

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