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Trichology & Business

Adding to Your Services

Whether you’re a salon owner or manager, a hair or beauty professional, or a freelancer or mobile hairdresser, adding trichology to your offering  means you can provide a more extensive service in meeting your clients’ hair and scalp concerns.  It can also mean you stand out from your local competition.

The ART believes that increasing the number of well-trained and registered practitioners of trichology will make an important contribution to the health and welfare of the general population. So we do encourage those who are really interested in trichology to give it a go.

How to Start

Of course, starting any new enterprise takes courage and enthusiasm. You also need to know what you’re doing, so getting training and a qualification before you begin is important. You’ll want to research the market – are there other trichologists in your area? You’ll want to think about the cost – for example, equipment, and marketing.

Then there’s the issue of where you’ll practise – will you need to acquire premises or convert an existing salon area, so you can offer private consultations? You’ll also want to take advice on insurance, and your financial and legal status and obligations And on health and safety and data protection.

If you run a salon or a chain, you’ll want to ensure trichology is a good fit with your business plan, and fits in with your existing training programme. You could train one of your people to begin with to get going.

Getting Yourself Known

To get yourself known it could be very helpful to talk to local pharmacies so they are aware of the new services you can offer. Other healthcare professionals you could link up with include physiotherapists, dieticians, podiatrists, homeopaths and medical make-up practitioners.

The ART publishes a guide to starting your own business, with lots of help and guidance for any business option that you might want to pursue. Do take a look.

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