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Trichology Training

A number of organisations in the UK and around the world offer training in trichology. The ART is working with these providers to ensure common standards of quality, ethics and accountability.

The Institute of Trichologists

The Institute offers a two year distance learning and clinical practice course.

The Trichological Society

The Trichological Society (TTS) provides distance learning trichology courses to dedicated students from medical and non-medical backgrounds.

TrichoCare Education

TrichoCare offers two courses in trichology:

  • Introduction to Trichology, a short-form 10 hour CPD course studied completely online
  • Level 4 Certificate in Trichology for Hairdressers is a one year Ofqual Certified iTEC course studied through distance learning, clinical observation, practical and theory examination.

In Australia, training in trichology is provided by:

  • In Australia, training in trichology is provided by the International Association of Trichologists
  • In the United States, training in trichology is provided by the US Trichology Institute
  • The National Trichology Training Institute
  • In Korea, training in trichology is provided by The Korea Scalp Hair Institution (KSHI)

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