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Why Join

Why Join the ART?

There are several great reasons to become a member of the Association of Registered Trichologists.

A Trusted and Respected Professional Organisation

ART membership means you’re recognised as a true and trusted professional. It means that the training you’ve worked hard to complete is rewarded and appreciated. And it means that the public, your peers and other health professionals know you have the knowledge and skills to provide effective trichology services to clients.


Clients Can Find You Easily

People who need your help and advice will be able to find you very easily. That’s because your contact details and areas of expertise will be published and promoted on our Register of Members. We know that many clients search for a long time for reliable, expert advice on their hair or scalp problems. Now they can quickly find a trusted professional in their area who can help.

The ART Supports Your Business

We’ll support you in your business and career development. We give advice on starting a trichology business, and members can use the ART logo on websites, business cards, promotional materials and salon windows.

The ART Engages With Hair Professionals

Hairdressers get closest to their clients’ hair and scalp every day. They can see where and when clients are having problems. So the ART works closely with the hair profession to ensure they understand what trichology can offer. We encourage them to refer clients with hair or scalp condition to a trusted, qualified trichologist. It means the trichologist builds their clientele and the salon gains further client loyalty. We also encourage hair professionals to take an interest in trichology and consider learning more about it through seminars and training events.


We Promote Trichology

The ART works to ensure that the discipline of trichology is more widely understood. We engage with professional bodies, and are represented at industry shows and events, to spread the word about what trichology is and trichologists do.

Membership details

There are 3 levels of membership of the ART:

  • Members, who are fully qualified practising trichologists. £18 per month.
  • Associates, who are individuals or corporate with an interest in trichology but not practising. £15  per month.*
  • Students, who are currently training to become qualified trichologists. £50 per year.*

*Please note: An Associate or Student member of the ART (Association of Registeted Trichologists) are not legally qualified or registered under ART’s articles of membership until such times their names are entered in the register of accredited  Trichologists. If you would like to become a qualified Trichologist please contact TrichoCare Education in the first instance.


To join the Association of Registered Trichologists

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