The ART Sponsors the Trichocare Student Conference 2018

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The ART Sponsors the Trichocare Student Conference 2018

In the spirit of the year’s conference theme, even the impending threat of blizzards and travel chaos couldn’t deter our determined students from TrichoCare’s inaugural Student Conference, hosted by the Association of Registered Trichologists.

Three distinguished speakers rewarded their efforts with an abundance of knowledge, experience and insight.

“TrichoCare’s teaching philosophy centres around the personal journey of each individual student” says Keith Barker Jones, Course Director, “by inviting experts from outside their own specialist field, learners were encouraged to think critically about their own limitations and how co-operating with others enhances their capabilities exponentially”.

Consultant Toxicologist and member of the Association of Registered Trichologists, Dr David Basketter encouraged critical thought from the trichology community, particularly when considering factors of allergy and irritation from cosmetics and other everyday consumer products.

Using the world-renowned Cochrane Review as his source, Consultant Dermatologist, Dr John English gave his analysis of Evidence Based Treatments for Alopecia. Some findings surprised even him and together with John, the group gained a far better understanding of the evidence supporting some of the treatments options available to those experience hair loss.

Having qualified in 2017, William Fleeson, director of Trichology Scotland talked of the importance of building a reputable network of professionals to support a trichology practice, “Success as a qualified Trichologist is one part your own knowledge, one part the knowledge of others. The secret is to expand your professional boundaries and work to the highest ethical standards as expected of any member of the ART”.

Look out for dates for the 2019 Student Conference by Trichocare Education.